Tlaquepaque: Casa Fuerte


Last week I had, along with many of my friends and classmates, an amazing week at a “nerd-cultural” competition called PIBA. Some went to dance, others went to sing, some said a poem. I participated in oratory. I had an hour and 30 minutes.  They gave me a topic, then I prepared it and exposed it to the public. It was awesome! All the poets won and my debate team got third place!

So during our time there, we went to a couple of nice restaurants. In Tlaquepaque (15 minutes from Guadalajara [Jalisco’s capital]), we went to a lovely restaurant.

We arrived, and went through the beautiful arch made out of flowers. We sat down and got the bread and butter. How pretty! The butter was wrapped up in a corn husk.



Then, we had to order our drinks. I thought water, but then the waiter suggested me lemonade with peppermint. AMAZING! Fresh, sweet, tasty.


Then came the main course. We had only one hour to eat to I chose an “unfailable”, chicken enmoladas, and yes, they were good, the plátano macho was nice as well.


BUT, my friend ordered corn bread, which is normally dessert, but in this case it was amazing. It had the right amount of corn, it was slightly salty and fresh. If you want to try something new and definitely delicious, order the cornbread (it’s actually an entreé, but it does work as a main course).


We had very little time there, but if you just want a coffee ora cold drink, I recommend to spend some time there, the restaurant is beautiful, authentic and has amazing service.


pros: It has amazing service, the place is beautiful and some plates are good

cons: They have very few outstanding plates, most are very common 

price: $$

stars: 3.5

Remeber: never miss a chance to eat, and pack your fork werever you go.