TECHO: a house building – life experience


As you probably have noticed, I haven´t been very active lately; that because exams and some activities have kept me very occupied. Yet, this weekend was worth every second.
I participated with an organization called TECHO, with which we (80 students from my school) built 10 houses for the poorest families in our state. 

My cuadrilla (group) was made up of my friends and 2 older girls, and with the leaders of the group we were were 5 girls and 5 boys (I believe we were the best team).
We got there at 8 am on Saturday, we made the foundations for the house. It was raining and we needed to dig about 50 cm to put the wood “bricks” that are to hold the entire house. That was exhausting. 

We ate with the family. Karen, the women getting the house, made beans with sausage and rice. While we ate, Miguel Angel, the future house owner, talked to us about his “past life”, how, before finding God, he was a drunk, cheater and even, once, killed a man. I was speechless.

We also had a great time with the family´s kids; we played with plastic cars, and mud “rain”.

The day ended and we were really tired, but happy, very happy of the incredible experience. We slept in the government’s building, where we had dinner and breakfast.

The next day was the fun part. We hammered the floor, which was super fun.

Then we did the walls and roof of the house. This is the coolest thing I’ve done in years.

We ate, again, with the family, they made us some chilly dogs.Then the boys got 20 pesos, which is about one dollar and twenty five cents, which I think, after seeing their mother´s face while handing the bill to the kids, was a lot of money for them. After the kids came back, with no change, and a bag full of junk food, her face seemed as one from a ghost. Nevertheless, the kids, both 6 and 2 years old, offered us chips and cookies before even trying them themselves. That generosity was simply astonishing to me.

The moment we finished the house and inaugurated it, we felt happy, but the family, they were joyous, they look as if that one day was the best of their lives.

I´ll avoid the names, for terms of privacy, of course, but I also learnt A LOT from my team members.

1. Girls can be strong and powerful.

2. Boys do think puppies are cute, but some are afraid to show it.

3. You might me quiet, but have a playful heart.

4. Fun and smart do go together.

5. Sarcasm rules.

6. Sweet girls CAN build houses

7. There is nothing compared to team work

I learnt that family and friends are very, very important and how we should value something as simple as our floor or that our home as running water. JUST BE THANKFUL, BEACUESE TODAY SOME KIDS ARE HAPPY THEY GOT A NEW PAIR OF USED SHOES.


Pi Pie Day


(Singing) pi, pi, mathematical pi”. You know, the pi number is 3.141592653589….. So today, March 14 of 2015, the ultimate pi day is happening, because 3(month) 14 (day) 15 (year) 9 (hour) 26 (minutes) 53 (seconds).

So at school we had a pi pie competition, and the most creative was to win. All the pies were, not only delicious but incredibly original! 

The third place won a $15 iTunes card. The best Oreo pie ever! It was worth every single one of the 400 calories it had per slice. So creamy, it got my mouth drooling!

Then,  an incredibly fresh and sweet banana pie won 2 place. Beautiful and delightful. This great baker won a $20 iTunes card. It was so tasty, it took only minutes for it to finish, everybody wanted to have a creamy and friuty slice of this savory pie.

I also participated, I made an apple Pi pie, with which I won a $35 iTunes card. It was pretty, but the inside lacked flavour, yet many of my friends and teachers enjoyed it. They all wanted a piece of pi. No, no I meant a piece of pie.

I love the opportunities my school offers us. We had a great time; we sang Pi songs, saw videos of the history of Pi, and well, the best part was tasting all the great and amazingly savory pies.

Great day, with a mix of two of the things I like the most, mathematics and food, an almost perfect mix. I encourage you to celebrate today, eat, make or share a pie. Happy Pi day!