Mexico City: Italian food beauty


I hate Italian food

Said no one EVER. That Sunday I said I wasn´t in the mood for Italian, how foolish of me. Prosecco is one of the great Italian restaurants in Mexico. The variety of the menu, the beautiful concept of the place, it was wonderful.

We went from restaurant to restaurant, with our suitcases in hand, because we didn´t have a reservation. We waited, but got at spot at this beautiful Italian restaurant, after we were given our table, my grandparents arrived (with a super tan, by the way). I was in love with the tomato and the lemon in the center, a lovely, healthy, tasty, Italian idea.


My family is big and tall, so we order big and good.

We enjoyed the tuna Carpaccio and the octopus and potato, and the best of all, the mixed antipasto. It had prosciutto Mortadella, Salamino, Asiago Cheese, Taleggio, pecans, marmalade… delicious.


I strongly suggest no to order the Portobello Carpaccio, it was too acid and the texture of the mushrooms wasn´t good.

Salads weren´t a big deal, feel no regret if you avoid them to order something else.

My brother order pizza, and I had to beg him for a tiny, tiny piece, it was beautiful. Literally the flavor was alluring.


I order gnocchi in tomato sauce with mushrooms. I just want to mention that those gnocchi are the best I have ever tasted, and I have gone to some fancy restaurants in Italy. They were puffy, it’s hard to use words to describe the great texture, and they were somehow “hard” on the outside and soft inside, beauty, simple mouth beauty. The sauce wasn´t “that” good, but the gnocchi stole the show.


 My grandpa and my dad devoured the arrabbiata penne pasta, so I guess it was good. I didn´t have the chance to try it! My grandmother order the risotto with taleggio cheese and truffle, this one was too a wonderful plate.

Then came the best part, desert. I have had better dessert in my life, but I still recommend everything, but if you can´t order everything went for

  1. The chocolate cake with asparagus ice cream (yes, this was a very weird taste)


2. Tiramisu, the mascarpone was mouth drooling, you could taste it in every bite. It needed a bit more of coffee, but, you can´t have everything, can you?


3. Banana and Nutella Calzone. It was fun to cut and chocolaty and fresh to enjoy.



So if you are in Mexico City, and want to try an incredible and contemporary Italian restaurant, visit Prosecco.


pros: fun version of italian, great main courses

cons: they gave all of us the wrong plates, the waiters were confused

price: $$$

stars: 4

Remeber: never miss a chance to eat, and pack your fork werever you go.


3 thoughts on “Mexico City: Italian food beauty

  1. I am from New York State, where old established Italian culture abounds. I love Italian food. Real Italian food. Not Americanized. I bought an Italian special issue book recently, and can’t wait to delve deeper into it, as it teaches every aspect of Italian cuisine.

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