Blue Nile: Ethiopian Experience

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“A bird hanging between two branches will get bitten on both wings” Ethiopian Proverb
This quote has nothing to do with my post, except for the fact that it is Ethiopian, but I couldn´t refuse the opportunity to use one of their many wise proverbs.
So last week my family, along with some other friends, went on a cruise through the Caribbean, where we have great memories. We also went to Houston, where we had an amazing Ethiopian experience.
Ethiopian food has a strong taste, but the very chance of going to this colorful and incense smelling restaurant couldn´t be denied.

We got to the restaurant and received ice cold complementary water. After that, the waitress gave each of us the menu, which of course we didn´t understand, so we ordered the family plate.


First. We got this tortilla-crepe looking flat bread, that had a sour taste, called injera. Its taste was NOT what I was expecting. Injera is used as a plate, fork or spoon in the Ethiopian cuisine.


After that we got the huge family plate; we just stared at each other, we didn´t know what to do. I guess the waitress understood our confusion, because she later explained each and every dish.


Our absolute favorites were Zilzil Tibs, which are tender strips of beef steeped with special sauce and light sautéed with slices of onions, bell pepper and spicet, and Yebeg Tibs,  that are lamb cubes sautéed with slices of onions, jalapeño peppers and fresh rosemary.

And well, as in all experiences there was a not-so-nice part. We didn´t like the Quanta Firfir, the mix of injeria and dehydrated beef, along with the berbere sauce was simply too much for us.


Ethiopians don´t have a thing for desserts, but we had great cinnamon and some extravagant spice tea and honey wine for our sweet tooth.
Anyways, if you ever go to Houston and want a truly Ethiopian meal, visit Blue Nile Restaurant you will be amazed with the experience.


pros: incredible experience, tasty lamb and great tea

cons: way to strong sauces and flavours

price: $$

stars: 3

Remeber: never miss a chance to eat, and pack your fork (or injera) werever you go.


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